Experience of our speakers

Recording of a commercial, IVR, video dubbing, audio book or some informational texts, many years of experience is essential. We have united the voice actors who work in various fields, such as cinema, theatre, TV and Radio industry. Each of them is a high-level professional. For each specific task, we select the most suitable voice actor. Hence, there are no impossible tasks for us.


Technical equipment

  • Mic: NADY TCM1050 TUBE
  • Mic: Neumann U87Ai
  • Mic Preamp.: Focusrite Voice Master Pro
  • Sound Interface: UAD APOLLO TWIN MKII QUAD
  • Monitoring: Adam Professional Audio A8X
  • Headphone: AKG K271
  • Headphone: SENNHEISER HD280PRO
  • Software: Magix Samplitude PRO X4 Suite
  • Midi Keyboard: Alesis QX49
  • PC: Pentium i7, RAM12GB, WIN64


Why trust us?

The mission of our company is to develop and manufacture the highest quality audio products. By choosing our services you choose patience and a 100% guaranteed result. You can reach us anytime - (+995) 596 366 366. You can find information about our partners below - "our partners".


Why choose us?

Clients appreciate us for our professionalism, punctuality and responsibility. The most valuable reward for our efforts is the satisfaction of our clients - thank you for your cooperation!

Our direction
Our direction is the production of audio advertising (from developing an idea to a finished advertising product), the production of instrumental phonograms and arrangements, recording vocals and musical instruments. Production includes a complete cycle: recording, mixing and mastering.

Our Partners